Memory Evaluation Program

The Greens operates a free, on-site evaluation of memory and cognitive ability once every month.

Conducted in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere by a doctor specializing in geriatrics and a social worker, the non-medical evaluations are extremely useful for individuals concerned about occasional memory lapses or to establish a baseline. Expert guidance and follow-up are offered as well.


Participants or a caregiver fill out a brief questionnaire in advance, and then the evaluation lasts about 90 minutes. In a recent survey of individuals who had taken advantage of the screenings, 34 of 36 rated the evaluation as outstanding or very good. All 36 said they would recommend the free service. Here are a few of their comments:

“Friendly, caring, perceptive, helpful advice.”

“I really hesitated about making the call to schedule an appointment, but I’m happy that I followed through. My mind was put at ease, and I now realize that I’m no good to anyone if I don’t put myself first and take care of my needs.”

“The doctor and social worker were both so easy to talk with and had good advice to share. This is a very nice service you offer. I hope you can continue and that many more people decide to get screened. Thanks for everything.”

“I got some good tips on how to help my memory and was relieved to find it isn’t terribly bad.”

“Very enlightening. It’s good to know how one’s memory changes as one gets older.”

“Most helpful to my situation.”

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