Question: Can I afford this?

Answer: At The Greens at Cannondale, we understand how physical and cognitive decline in a family can lead to crisis – both emotional and sometimes financial.

The Greens at Cannondale is unique in that we enjoy the resources of our entire campus coupled with the nimbleness associated with a family-owned company. This allows us to offer options to seniors and their families customized to them.

Question: What financial options do you offer?

Answer: A popular option, we have an Easy Stay option. A resident may be in need of short-term assisted living care or a respite arrangement for a caregiver or to facilitate transfer home after surgery or a severe medical event. Sometimes a loved one needs more care but is just not ready to commit to a long-term lease, buy-in fee, or security deposit. A trial experience has been shown to be extremely successful in helping seniors determine if a Senior Living Residences community is the right fit for them, before making a commitment to moving. They like the "no strings attached" option of trying out this new senior living option. All that is needed is an assessment and a two-week minimum agreement. We charge a simple and affordably priced daily rate. The resident can choose to stay longer or come back and trial the experience again sometime.

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Question: What about someone who wants to stay longer and may not have the cash to move into assisted living?

Answer: These clients are good candidates for our Deferred Payment through Real Estate program. We have often helped many families by securing a limited mortgage interest on their home or property until sold. The resident can move in right away. Our company legal team (one phone call away), draws up the paperwork and we charge nothing for the service – no interest, no fees... just the peace of mind that the resident can get care and services right away. Once the property is sold, our deferred charges are paid and the balance of funds goes directly to the legal property owner. This is not a reverse mortgage. The resident retains ownership at all times and enjoys the residual value of the asset once their room and board at The Greens are paid.

Question: Have you ever had a resident live at The Greens for so long that they run out of money?

Answer: Yes. We are part of a Campus that includes the 5-star Nursing Home Wilton Meadows. If a resident outlives their nest egg, we typically anticipate this with family and facilitate the transition to Medicaid or T-19. These residents essentially get to stay home on our campus and are taken care of for life by the CT Medicaid program – all expenses paid. Unlike Continuing Care Retirement or “Life Care“ Communities, we take NO buy-in fee. Unlike most Assisted Livings; we take NO community fee up front. We are one of the few that still offers a simple monthly lease and only take the first months’ rent and nominal security deposit up front. No other Campus has access to all the programs mentioned here and, as such, we are most fortunate to be able to individualize affordable plans to our clients and have them stay for life. Peace of mind is the testimonial phrase we hear the most.

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