Rehab Respite Program


Closer to Home

Following a hospital or sub-acute stay, consider our innovative rehabilitation respite program.

We recognize that after a hospital stay or short-term rehabilitation program, some individuals need additional time and support as they continue their steps to recovery. Or maybe as a caregiver, you’re taking a vacation or need some relief from the mental and physical demands of caring for your loved one. Regardless of your situation, our senior living facility can help. We pride ourselves on offering quality respite care services designed to alleviate your stress while providing the assistance and care your loved one needs.

Offering a Highly Trained Staff with Longevity

When you choose The Greens at Cannondale, you can rest assured the physical and emotional well-being of your loved one will be in good hands. We’ve retained a highly-skilled wellness staff that is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment to aid in your loved one’s continued rehabilitation and preparation for independent living.

Full-Service Respite Care and Amenities

Our program offers a 30 day stay (minimum) at a daily rate and includes rehabilitation services, chef-prepared meals, social programs, and a fully furnished apartment. Our STEPS Program makes it easy for individuals to continue their recovery while in a safe, healthy, and relaxed setting.

Who can benefit from The Greens’ Rehab Respite Program?

Our respite care and rehabilitation services are ideal for anyone who is currently hospitalized or staying in a short-term rehab facility or preparing for discharge but isn’t quite ready to go home. Our program offers you an interim stay while getting you three steps closer to home.

What kind of support or services can I expect from the Rehab Respite Program?

You may be entitled to visiting nurse services covered under Medicare or Managed Care insurance plans. These services include physical, occupational, and speech therapies as well as nursing. The Greens at Cannondale’s wellness staff is available to provide care and support 24/7.

Why would someone choose the Rehab Program vs. going directly home?

Sometimes the home setting presents challenges that can make it difficult for a full recovery. These can include physical challenges such as stairs to climb, as well as concerns about being home alone, needing a higher level of care, or simply lacking the confidence or strength in your current abilities. Our respite care and rehab programs provide residents throughout Wilton, Norwalk, Westport, CT, and the nearby communities with peace of mind. To see how you can benefit from the support of The Greens’ staff while enjoying comfortable, fully furnished accommodations in a private apartment, three daily chef-prepared meals, and a dynamic mix of social programs, call us today!

How can I learn more?

Simply call The Greens at Cannondale at 203.293.6354 and our admissions representatives can tell you more about our Rehab Respite Program or schedule a tour for you.